How can I find a record of My Sales?

You can easily get access to your sales report. Your Sales Report will contain all sales information within a specific timeframe.

To access your Sales Report on the app:

Step 1: Go to your Accounts tab
Step 2: Select My Seller Tools
Step 3: Select My Sales Report

To access your Sales Report on the web:

Step 1: Click on your profile image
Step 2: Select Order Activity
Step 3: Select My Sales Report

 Once you’ve entered your Sales Report you will need to select a date range. Please note, a Sales Report cannot be generated until a date range is selected.

 You will receive a link to the email connected to your Poshmark account to download a CSV file. Your Sales Report can be utilized for tax purposes; at this time, we are unable to provide individual tax advice and do not currently issue 1099 forms for our sellers.  

Note: For security purposes, you will need to be logged onto your Poshmark account to access the link sent to your email.


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