How do I become a Posh Ambassador?

The Posh Ambassador Program connects our diverse community from across the country based on a shared sense of style and fashion! A big part of your role as a Posh Ambassador is ushering in, welcoming, and helping educate new users as they become part of our community. We look to Posh Ambassadors to help set the tone in the Poshmark community.

Posh Ambassadors are expected to:
-Maintain an active closet
-Participate in the Poshmark community
-Provide great customer service
-Be in good standing with our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service

Posh Ambassador benefits:
- Get recommended to new Poshers
- Receive an exclusive newsletter
- Unlock access to fun programs and opportunities

To become a Posh Ambassador, you must meet a criteria based off a number of things, including engagement, rating, sales, and a history of spreading Posh Love.

To qualify, you must meet all of the criteria below:
-Community Shares: Share at least 5,000 items from other Poshers' closets
-Self-Shares: Share your own items at least 5,000 times to the community
-Available Listings: Have at least 50 available listings in your closet
-Listings Sold: Make at least 15 sales
-Average Rating: Have an average rating of at least 4.5 stars
-Average Ship Time: Have an average ship time of less than 3 days

Want to know if you are a Posh Ambassador? Learn how to locate and manage your status here!

Those who violate our Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, or program guidelines may be at risk of removal from the Ambassador program.


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