How do I get a Host Pick?

Posh Parties are hosted by different users every day and therefore, it's difficult to come up with set guidelines that will guarantee your item will be shared by a party host. In looking at the listings that are generally shared to a party's host picks showroom, we can make a handful of suggestions:
  • Party hosts are asked to only share items that meet Poshmark's selling guidelines. Be sure that your listings are not in violation of any of our guidelines.
  • Items that have beautiful, clear, and well thought-out covershots tend to catch the eye of party hosts.
  • If you're an active and social member of the Poshmark community, your listings are more likely to be discovered by party hosts. Share, comment on, and like other Poshers' listings to grow your community and chances as being added as a host pick. And be sure to share your listings to the Posh Party!

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